Bindi Body Stickers Multi-color Crystal Temporary Tattoo One (1) Pack As Pictured #62


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Bindi Body Stickers Multi-color Crystal Temporary Tattoo One (1) Pack As Pictured


Bindi is a Colorful dot / long that is placed on the forehead of women. Bindis have a special significance today in the Indian tradition and as well as all over the world as an accessory. A married women always wears a Bindi as this shows true love and prosperity. The bindi is arguably the most visually fascinating of all forms of body decoration. Bindi attach great importance to this ornamental mark on the forehead between the two eyebrows.

Our Bindis are READY TO WEAR. This beautiful set has bindis in vibrant STYLE to match your various outfits and moods.
Apply with spirit gum or a good eyelash glue and apply on body where you wish . Make sure the area is clean and dry - this will greatly affect how well the bindi will be attached.

To remove the adhesive, use a Q-tip with olive oil and rub off the residue. Use a paper towel to remove the oil completely and store your bindi. It can be used again and again. Please handle your bindi with care and clean it after every use to prolong it's life.

If you take care of them they can be used multiple times. If in the future you feel the need for more adhesive, apply spirit gum or clear eyelash adhesive to the back of the bindi and put in place, use it this way and our Bindis will last a long time.

Use this Bindi as you like, adorn it on your forehead, or your belly button, on your arm or even as a nose pin, the possibilities are endless. You can combine it with any other bindi from my collection to make your own creation.

Condition: 100% Brand New

Quantity: 1 pack as pictured

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